SAXSutilities is a software package which has been developed since more than 15 years for on-line processing and analysis of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering data.

The first version has been developed in Matlab and made available as compiled package which does not require a Matlab licence. Changes in the graphics engine of Matlab and the exploding download size of the Matlab runtime environment made it more and more difficult to maintain the package.

Therefore, SAXSutilities was rewritten in 2019/2020 using Python3. The program is available as a complete package (using pyinstaller) containing all required libraries. Versions for Windows and Linux are available (tested under Debian8).

The ASAXS and fitting routines implemented in the original SAXSutilities package have not been ported to Python3. Therefore, a SAXSutilities package in Matlab with support for handling 1D ASCII files is maintained. It is based on Matlab 2014a 32bit (Windows) or Matlab 2013b (LINUX) for compatibility reasons.


Latest download version:

SAXSutilities2 (Python): data processing and reduction of 1D and 2D data

Please cite this software as: Sztucki Michael. (2021). SAXSutilities: a graphical user interface for processing and analysis of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering data (1.024). Zenodo.



Previous versions:

SAXSutilities (Matlab) can still be downloaded here. However, maintenance is stopped and recent data formats (especially H5 formats) are not fully supported any more.

SAXSutilities1 (Matlab) for data fitting and ASAXS data reduction can be downloaded here.

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Further documentation:

  1.  SAXSutilities2 wiki pages (manual, guide of h5 data format, etc.)

  2.  SAXSutilities1 help pages (concerning fitting routines)


Download Tutorial held during ESRF User meeting 2020: SAXS analysis strategies and softwares