0.980  -  28. April 2020:

+ first release

 0.981  -  5. May 2020:

+ implementation of help pages

 0.987  -  3. September 2020:

+ bug fixes

    plot2D:  low limit for intensity scaling, display of Dummy values

    tools1D: dynamic rebin for multiple selection

    mask2D: unmask

    plot1D: display of correct axes titles

    force refreshing of directory list when button clicked for all tree views

 0.988  -  6. September 2020:

+ bug fix for plot1D, tools1D:

   the default sorting behavior of Qt for selected files was unpredictable
   -  difficult to handle for the output filename when averaging, etc.
   > sort is now forced.

   Multi-selections in plot2D are still plotted in the order as selected